Audio Fiction

In addition to being the best two-guys-chatting podcast in the world, the Anime Sickos also sometimes do lavishly produced audio fiction. It is unclear why we do this. The ROI is frankly dogshit.

The Song of Sicko City

A quadrilogy that chronicles the destructive effects of anime, gaming, posting, and jobs on the fictional "Sicko City," a doomed metropolis originally known as Modesty City. Episodes are presented here in release order.

Episode 7: Sickos Noir - A hard-boiled cop grills a sicko over suspected possession of anime, a restricted substance in Sicko City. But when the perp makes Food Wars seem really cool, will our hero be able to resist the temptation to go sicko mode? (NOTE: this one is only very tangentially related to the overall plot and should be considered non-canon)

Episode 15: Sicko Shock - A man named Tom wakes up with no memories in Sicko City (formerly Modesty City), a ruined near-future city that has been transformed into a real-life roguelike, where the streets reconfigure every day and citizens hoard randomly generated power-ups. As he explores the city, he finds a series of huge tape recorders with audio logs from Joseph Anderson, co-founder of Sicko Industries and creator of the roguelike technology, who explains the history and downfall of the once-thriving town.

Episode 82: The Tragical History of Modesty City - In pilgrim times, two modest men, Thomas and Joseph, travel with a group of like-minded pilgrims to the new world to found Modesty City, a new Jerusalem where no one will get horny. But when the town becomes tainted by the scourge of anime, the founders have no choice but to tamp down the perversion with email jobs and office work. But Modesty City's sickness may go deeper than they fear...

Sicko Shock 2 - A six-episode miniseries that is better than all TV shows. Over 40,000 years after the events of Sicko Shock, Sicko City is a domed megacolony that is the last livable place on a ruined Earth. In Sicko City, all citizens are required to jack in to cyberspace every day to view and engage with content generated by “Posters,” mega-celebrities who live like gods. But beneath its shimmering surface, five forgotten people are about to make history...

Other Shit

Episode 107: Oops! All Sketches! - Sometimes we do little sketches. I can't fucking remember what episode the sketches are in. Anyway, this one is all sketches. I remember that because of the name

Episode 106: Shin Sicko City Nights: An Anime Sickos AdventureA one-shot RPG episode where Tom and Joe play Tool Tip and Paste Special, two office drones in the futuristic "Shin Sicko City" (not the same Sicko City from the other ones). When something goes wrong at our job, we have to dig deep into Sicko City's cyber subcultures to find the truth. Well, that's not exactly true--mostly we just riff and do bits and have goofy fun. Quinn Welsh-Wilson GMs using the system Hard-Wired Island.

Episode 167: The Sickos Steal the Chrono Trigger: An Anime Sickos AdventureA one-shot RPG episode where Tom and Joe play themselves, kidnapped by Joyce Carol Oates to steal the Chrono Trigger, a type of "time egg" that allows time travel. This is obviously beyond our capabilities, so lucky for us we have help from us in the future who have already stolen it. Jeff Stormer GMs using the system Time Heist.

Episode 180: Goblin Punks with Grant Howitt: An Anime Sickos Adventure A one-shot RPG episode where Tom and Joe (plus Gwynn Fulcher and Allie Reid from Shuffle Quest) play a quartet of shitty goblin teens who are supposed to go help out at the goblin fundraiser but instead just fuck around. Grant Howitt GMs using his own game Goblin Punks.